What is a feed mixer?

November 27, 2023

A feed mixer is a mechanical device used to mix feed ingredients. It usually consists of motor, reducer, transmission shaft, mixing barrel, etc. Among them, the mixing barrel is often made of stainless steel or cast iron, which has good corrosion resistance and durability.

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What is an organic fertilizer turning machine?

September 27, 2023

The turner is a unique equipment in the organic fertilizer industry. Its function is to turn the materials regularly to provide an appropriate amount of oxygen to the pile, restore the void ratio in the pile, promote air circulation, and make the materials lose moisture. Most models also have certain crushing and mixing functions during tossing.

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Livestock and poultry manure treatment equipment

September 23, 2023

The problem of livestock and poultry manure pollution has become a restrictive factor in the development of modern animal husbandry and the construction of new socialist countryside. The livestock and poultry breeding industry is affected by many factors such as the market, livestock product imports, and epidemics, and is basically in a state of low profit or even loss.

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Which kind of organic fertilizer turning machine is easy to use? What should you pay attention to after using it?

September 18, 2023

What is the function of organic fertilizer compost turner? Composting is a process in which organic matter is continuously degraded and stabilized through the action of microorganisms under certain conditions, and a product suitable for land use is produced. During the composting process, under the action of microorganisms, various organic matter reaches a state that is difficult to decompose, stable, and easily absorbed by crops.

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What is the Manure Spreader?

August 28, 2023

The double-axis vertical auger Manure Spreader is simple to use and includes bear claw beaters to quickly spread and shred manure. The twin augers design has a good guarantee for the uniformity and continuity of material dissemination. When the material moves to the hammer discharge port, each hammer tears and smashes the material, and throws the material evenly and rhythmically from bottom to top. The design keeps the material in a horizontal state and prevents overhead and squeezing. It can throw a variety of materials, such as: poultry manure, organic fertilizer, furrow fertilizer, mud, compost, manure, distiller's grains, mushroom residue, medicine residue, straw, etc. , You can also spread most of the industrial waste.

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How can I determine the proper mixing time for the feed mixer

August 16, 2023

Although the main function of a feed mixeris to evenly mix various feeds, it is still necessary to determine the mixing time of the feed mixer. Stirring for a long time wastes energy, increases costs, and creates static electricity from material friction. If the mixing time is too short, it will inevitably reduce the mixing uniformity of the feed. The large rice mill suggests that the mixing time of the feed mill is very important.

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A Tractor-Pulled Windrow Compost Turner

August 04, 2023

A tractor-pulled windrow compost turner is a specialized machine used in composting operations. It is typically attached to a tractor and used to turn and aerate large windrows or piles of organic material, such as agricultural waste, yard trimmings, or food scraps.

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What is a feed spreader?

July 20, 2023

Feed spreader truck main function is to directly throw in the finished feed ration area for once completed feeding, widely used in agricultural farming areas and medium-sized farms and farm communities regulate feeding operation. After mixing various of pasture,straw, silage and other fibrous feed mixing , and then put those in the spreader car,and then make the spreading feeding operations. Easy to use, easy to operate, reliable product quality, durable, sprinkle material feeding process can be adjusted according to the density of the material users laps places livestock, high efficiency, saving time and labor-saving farm space.

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Details of function and principle of TMR feed mixer

July 12, 2023

TMR feed mixer is a new type of dairy cow feeding equipment that can fully mix roughage, concentrate feed, minerals, microorganisms and other additives, and can provide enough nutrition to meet the needs of dairy cows. Based on supporting technical measures and TMR machinery with excellent performance, TMR feeding technology(cattle feed mixer) can ensure that every bite of rations eaten by dairy cows is a full-price ration with a stable ratio of fine to coarse and consistent nutrient concentration, which is a major change in the way of feeding dairy cows.

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Fully hydraulic crawler organic fertilizer turning machine

June 23, 2023

Full hydraulic crawler organic fertilizer tiller belongs to a relatively large equipment in the fertilizer industry, the degree of automation is relatively high, it uses full hydraulic system control, convenient and easy to operate, the product has a variety of models, corresponding to different tiller machine span, suitable for different scale organic fertilizer manufacturers to use.

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Organic fertilizer equipment manufacturers take you to understand organic fertilizer

May 18, 2023

Organic fertilizer contains a variety of nutrients, rich in organic matter, can strengthen the activities of microorganisms, lasting fertilizer effect, not only can supply crop nutrition needs, but also can improve the soil water, heat and ventilation conditions, improve soil maturation. The large amount of CO2 released by organic fertilizer can be used for plant nutrition.

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The advantage of TMR feed mixers

May 12, 2023

Direct feeding without mixing round bundle of forage grass, feed for livestock, abandoned and trampled behavior, make its loss rate is as high as 30%, and the vertical TMR with other fill material mixing after feeding, feed losses fell sharply.

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