What is a compost fermentation compost turner?

March 06, 2024

What is a compost fermentation compost turner? 

What are its functions and advantages?

Compost fermentation compost turner: Tongda Heavy Industry uses cow dung, pig dung, and chicken dung processing projects to develop organic fertilizer production equipment. It has obvious characteristics and outstanding advantages, and is very popular in the organic fertilizer processing industry.

Generally speaking, it has five functions and three advantages.

Compost fermentation compost turner function

1. The compost fermentation compost turner can adjust the stirring function in the raw materials. In the fertilizer making process, some auxiliary materials need to be added to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio, pH and moisture content of the raw materials. The main raw materials and various auxiliary materials are roughly stacked together in proportion, and can be stirred evenly by a turning machine to achieve the purpose of adjusting the quality.

2. The compost fermentation compost turner can adjust the temperature of the raw material pile. During the operation of the compost turner, the raw material particles are fully contacted and mixed with the air. A large amount of fresh air can be contained in the stack, which helps aerobic microorganisms to actively generate fermentation heat. The stack temperature rises: when the temperature is high, The addition of fresh air can reduce stack temperatures. A state of alternating medium temperature-high temperature-medium temperature-high temperature is formed, and various beneficial microorganisms and bacteria grow and reproduce within the adapted temperature range.

3. The compost fermentation and compost turning machine can improve the air permeability of the raw material stack. The stacking system can process the materials into small pieces, making the stack of raw materials fluffy and elastic, forming appropriate porosity, and making the texture sticky and dense.


4. The compost fermentation and compost turning function can adjust the accumulation moisture of raw materials. The appropriate fermentation moisture content of raw materials is 55%, and the moisture content of finished organic fertilizer is less than 20%. During the fermentation process, biochemical reactions will produce new water, and the consumption of raw materials by microorganisms will also cause the water to lose its carrier and become free.

5. The compost fermentation and compost turning machine can meet the special requirements of the composting process. For example, crushing raw materials, giving raw material piles a certain shape or achieving quantitative displacement of raw materials, etc.

 Advantages of compost fermentation compost turner

1. Construction of simple compost fermentation compost turner factory construction is not complicated. Intelligent sludge integrated aerobic fermentation equipment does not require civil engineering and factory construction, and the construction period is only 1 to 2 months, saving more than 2/3 of the construction time than the traditional engineering model; it saves land, and the location of the sludge treatment project is more convenient Flexible, the equipment occupies 20~40 square meters. Compared with the traditional engineering model, the floor space can be saved by more than half, and the construction procedures are also more convenient.

2.Easy to run

The transportation, fermentation, turning, oxygen supply, monitoring, control and deodorization of traditional sludge aerobic fermentation projects are independent. The intermediate transport of fermentation materials requires belt conveyors and vehicles, and the intelligent sludge integrated aerobic fermentation equipment achieves a high degree of integration of the above functions. There is no intermediate back-up link when the equipment is running, which saves fuel and energy consumption and greatly reduces operating costs. At the same time, the equipment adopts the internationally leading CIB intelligent aerobic fermentation process, which produces less odor during process operation. The equipment is completely enclosed and the amount of odor dissipated is small. The generated odor can be secondary treated through the odor collection pipe on the top of the equipment, and the discharge does not meet the standard.

3. Simple operation

The compost fermentation compost turner is simple to operate in the process system. In sludge treatment projects under engineering mode, there are many treatment systems and equipment, some of which have hundreds of pieces of equipment, and on-site operators are in great demand. The intelligent sludge integrated aerobic fermentation equipment adopts fully automatic intelligent control, and the equipment can be turned on with just one button operation. Each project requires only 1 to 2 operators, who can operate with a high school education level, which greatly reduces labor costs. Compared with similar technologies at home and abroad, labor costs and workload are reduced by 60% to 70%. Intelligent control systems can monitor the temperature, oxygen and other data of materials in the equipment.

and make adjustments accordingly. It lasts for a long time and kills pathogenic bacteria and weed seeds.

Compile turners are also divided into many different types according to their functions. There are probably the following ways:

1. According to the composting methods, there are mainly: trough type compost turner and stack type compost turner:

2. In terms of power, there are mainly: diesel engine power type, hydraulic power type and newly invented oil and electricity integrated power type;

3. In terms of walking methods, they mainly include: crawler type, tire type, and belt type.

4. In terms of uses, the main ones include: organic fertilizer compost turner, mushroom fertilizer compost turner, straw compost compost turner, and integrated crushing machine: