Stationary Horizontal TMR Mixers

Horizontal mixer feeders are one of the ideal solutions for small and medium scale farms. Low height structure of the machine makes them suitable for most farms.


Product Detiles

1. The unique double auger zigzag design improves the auger efficiency and mixing effect, and the mixing is even;

2. Special customized plum alloy blades make the feed cut quickly.

3. Convenient and fast maintenance

4. High-quality mixing, fast time and low labor cost

5. Stationary TMR feed mixer, can be customized motors, soft start or inverter control panels, and various sizes of unloading belts can be customized

6、horizontal mixer feeders have self hydraulic system and lateral conveyor as standard features. There are also optional features which are loading bucket, weighing system and magnet.

Main reducer motorGB motorGB motorGB motor
Auger number2 pieces2 pieces2 pieces
Blade thickness14mm14mm14mm
Blade number132166195
Auger rotate speed≧26round/min≧26round/min≧26round/min
Weigh sensor444
Matched powerDouble 11KW+1.5KW Oil pump door motorDouble 15KW+1.5KW Oil pump door motorDouble 18.5KW+1.5KW Oil pump door motor
Machine dimension4100mm*2200mm*2150mm4600*2200*2100mm5570mm*2200mm*2450mm
Machine weight2586kg3200kg4950kg

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