What is a fertilizer spreader?

January 05, 2024

What is the concept of fertilizer spreader?

The fertilizer spreader is a new type of agricultural machinery powered by a tractor that spreads livestock manure, fermented organic fertilizer, and manure (including compost) back to the fields. It is mainly composed of traction frame, frame welding, fertilizer box, hydraulic system, transmission system, fertilizer delivery device, fertilizer spreading system, ground wheel mechanism and other systems. The fertilizer delivery system of this machine is driven by the tractor's hydraulic output to drive the hydraulic motor. Through the fertilizer delivery device, the entire box of fertilizer is moved backward synchronously. The fertilizer spreading system of this machine is driven by the tractor's power output shaft and drives the auger through the triple gear box to spread it. Fertilizer, while the double fertilizer spreader discs cooperate with the auger to fully spread the fertilizer.

What are the characteristics of a fertilizer spreader?

The crushing blade of the vertical double auger is made of high-quality spring manganese steel, which has high hardness, good wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and strong crushing capacity. It can effectively break the organic materials being thrown and effectively spread livestock manure to the field. , spread finely and evenly. It can improve the effectiveness of soil nutrients, improve soil structure, improve soil fertility and water retention, reduce environmental pollution of manure, and plays an important role in the mechanization of returning poultry and livestock manure to fields in agriculture and animal husbandry.

Application range of fertilizer spreader

The organic fertilizer spreader is a machine used to spread solid fertilizers (including compost, manure, manure, etc.) as base fertilizer or seed fertilizer in fields, pastures, pastures, and farms before plowing. It has a wide range of applications and high operating efficiency. High, spread evenly.

Double-axis Vertical Auger Manure Spreader from

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