Mini cattle dung cleaning machine

The cow dung cleaning machine is a pasture manure cleaning equipment specially developed for pasture manure cleaning. After continuous research and development and experiments, combined with actual pasture operation and use, the manure cleaning vehicle is suitable for both dry and thin manure on pastures.


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Overview of Cow dung cleaning machine

It is understood that a cow can produce 50-100 kilograms of feces and urine per day. Large pastures can reach the amount of 10,000 cows, and there are at least 50 cows in small bull farms. The daily number of feces in each bull farm is huge. Water punching method is suitable for countries with high temperature and rich water resources. In our country, most of the dairy breeding is mostly in the winter. At the same time, the water punching method does not conform to the water -saving policy of my country, and the difficulty and cost of the subsequent separation and processing of the feces after the water rush are greater. The labor and time consumption of labor and time may threaten the health of cows and affect dairy safety.

According to the current situation of the ranch and the future development trend, the use of the manure clearance vehicle to treat dairy stools, so that dairy cows can obtain a good living environment, enhance their immune function, and ensure the safety of dairy cows. In the long run, dung machinery has contributed to the protection of the human environment. The emergence of septic vehicles has made the original time -consuming cow dung cleanup work simple, convenient, fast, and energy saving, saving labor costs, eliminating feces pollution, effectively preventing dairy diseases

Features of Cow dung cleaning machine

1. The manure removal truck is simple and efficient. It can clean up the manure of 1000 cattle farms within 2 hours.

2. The manure collection bucket of this cattle farm manure removal truck is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, and the manure collection shovel can be expanded, which is suitable for sites of different sizes.

3. The complete machine design of the manure removal truck is reasonable, adopts high-end heavy truck accessories, and it is easy to replace the accessories.

4. HINDA machinery manure removal truck uses high-end engine with strong power and is suitable for complex working conditions

5. The manure collection bucket of the manure removal truck uses three sets of heavy-duty wear-resistant scraper chains, which are corrosion resistant, high in strength and long in service life.

6、uses three sets of heavy-duty wear-resistant scraper chains, which are corrosion resistant, high in strength and long in service life.

Applications of Cow dung cleaning truck

The cow dung cleaning truck is mainly used for cleaning up the excrement of livestock in cattle sheds and other farms. The truck body adopts the hydraulic system, and the scraper in front can clean up the excrement more thoroughly. Use a chain scraper to transfer feces into the trunk. Operation is simple, the operation personnel according to the waste of its thickness to control speed, stepless variable speed is more convenient, the trunk dump, greatly reduce the labor, human contribute to production management, improve the production efficiency, reduce labor intensity, easy to use, safe, low cost, can be a lot of application, suitable for large-scale dairy farm.

About the price of Cow dung cleaning machine

The model and specification of the cow dung cleaning machine can be customized according to the barn. Welcome to inquire about the price of the equipment, and we will provide you with the best price from the source manufacturer.

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