Stationary Vertical TMR Mixers

Mix and feed out faster

1. Auger along with the tub walls have been designed to both process roughage and bales, and produce the most consistent and uniform mixed ration on the market. The design ensures a thorough mix from bottom to top

2. The rub material is made of wear-resistant manganese steel, which is corrosion resistant and improves service life.

3. Auger Screw mixes quickly without compromising feed quality, resulting in a palatable, well blended ration minimizes sorting by livestock

4. Fast discharge with superior clean out

5. Simple design engineered with few moving parts for long life, low maintenance, and trouble free operation

6. The equipment is equipped with a weighing device to realize precise feeding on the farm.


Product Detiles

Auger number111222
Blade materialCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloy
Blade number5 big blades7 big blades9 big blades14 big blades14big blades14big blades
Auger rotate speed≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min
Weigh sensor3 pieces3 pieces3 pieces4 pieces4pieces4
Weigh display control patternAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
Matched power22KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor30KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor37KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor44KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor60KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor74KW motor +1.5KW hydraulic discharging door motor
Machine dimensionmachine dimension: 3200*2000*2400mmmachine dimension: 3500*2240*2700mmmachine dimension: 3700*2400*2700mmmachine dimension: 5700*2240*2500mmmachine dimension: 6100*2200*2700mmmachine dimension: 6500*2400*2700mm

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