Concentrate Crusher

The feed crushing mixer is a necessary feed processing equipment for the breeding industry. It integrates crushing and mixing. The mixer can be equipped with functions such as electronic weighing, automatic batching, and quantitative feeding. The feed of the crusher adopts a spiral elevator to achieve the effect of stable feeding. Corn kernels, soybeans, wheat and other grains can be easily sucked into the feed crushing cavity, and then the crushing and mixing work is carried out. The mixer adopts a two-way spiral ribbon structure, which can quickly mix a variety of raw materials evenly. Models and functions can be customized.


Product Detiles

NameQuantityMatched powerType
Fodder crusher1set30KWHigh effective water drop crusher
Concentrate mixer1set11KWHorizontal effective mixer, matched with electronic weigh system
Spiral loader3set3KW/setSpiral auger loading



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