Tricycle Feed Spreader

This spreader is a kind of spreading feed equipment, it is widely used in dairy farm.


Product Detiles

Spreader type5cbm7m³
Matched power28 HP28HP
Spreading efficiency60m/min60m/min
Dimension (height×width×height)4800×1600×24004800×1800×2400
Gear3+1 gear3+1 gear
transmission patternHydraulic speed adjusting motorHydraulic speed adjusting motor
Outlet patternAuger+BeltAuger+Belt
Spreading patternSpread from double sides or single sideSpread from double sides or single side
Machine weight1824kg1905kg

1. Transported by Wuzheng tricycle, customized tricycle chassis, supporting power 28 horsepower, strong power and low energy consumption.

2.It can realize simultaneous feeding on both sides and unilateral feeding on both sides, and feed more quickly and efficiently according to the scale of the breeding site.

3. Equipped with high and low speed gears, great climbing strength, gears to adjust the spreading speed, low failure, easy maintenance

4. The auger conveys, evenly spreading the material without blocking the material.

5. Strong maneuverability, strong passability, small turning radius, more flexible and convenient.

6. The customized five-star hydraulic motor has simple structure, reliable work and long service life.

7. Weighing system and fully enclosed cab can be customized.

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