Cow Dung Cleaning Truck

The manure removal truck produced by Qingdao Zhonghengda Machinery Co., Ltd. is an equipment specially designed for cattle farm manure removal.


Product Detiles

1. The manure removal truck is simple and efficient. It can clean up the manure of 1000 cattle farms within 2 hours.

2. The manure collection bucket of this cattle farm manure removal truck is made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant, and the manure collection shovel can be expanded, which is suitable for sites of different sizes.

3. The complete machine design of the manure removal truck is reasonable, adopts high-end heavy truck accessories, and it is easy to replace the accessories.

4. Zhonghengda machinery manure removal truck uses high-end engine with strong power and is suitable for complex working conditions

5. The manure collection bucket of the manure removal truck uses three sets of heavy-duty wear-resistant scraper chains, which are corrosion resistant, high in strength and long in service life.

Partial picture 1. Manure collection shovel 2. Stainless steel 3. Chain 4. Tire 5. Reducer (infinitely variable speed) 6. Picture of raising the manure bucket (easy maintenance)


Power part

Turning patternRear drive and front steering
Engine brandYunnei Pressure engine
Power58KW  78 horsepower

Frame part

Tyre type700-16 steel wire
Tyre number6 pieces(Front 2 Back 4)
Walking patternContinuously variable transmission  self-propelled
Machine transmit patternHydraulic transmission

Manure upload and manure tank

Dung systemAuger+scraper
Front scraper width1、Minimum width is 2m, maximum width is 3.2m. 2、Front scraper fixed with wear resistant rubber, easy to clean. The scraper do not destroy the ground
Manure collectorStainless steel
ChainHigh strength chain is applied, wear resistant and anti-corrosion.
Back tank1. The back tank volume is more than 5 CBM, hydraulic control the door open, 2. The back tank is fixed with convey auger, no jam, more convenient to collect the manure
Machine PartUnload patternSelf-discharging
Machine dimensionLength 5600mm* width 2400* height2600mm
Machine weight4160KG

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