Cow Headlock


Product Detiles

1. The cow headlock is made of Q235-B material. After welding, the whole is hot-dip galvanized, and the galvanized layer is ≥75μm;

2. After welding, the overall hot-dip galvanizing, the surface of the galvanized necklock is smooth, without drips, roughness, zinc thorns, no peeling, no leakage plating, and no residual solvent slag;

3. Equipped with necklocks, in the open state, the cattle can eat freely;

4. The headlock can simultaneously lock or release the cows feeding within the range of 18-24 meters.

5. It can lock or release all feeding cows at the same time, or lock one or several cows individually;

6. The contact part of the necklock movable rod and the locking mechanism is equipped with acetylene belt damping to reduce noise; at the same time, it is equipped with damping rubber pads to further reduce noise;

Thick vertical rod φ42×2.5
Action rodφ42×2.5
 Fixed rodφ42×2.5
Thin vertical rod φ32×2.5
Overarm rod50×50×2.75
Butterfly clamp lock δ4
Action rod weightφ18 

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