Cow Drinking Tough


Product Detiles

1. Product advantages: imported low-density food-grade polyethylene rotomolding is used for one-time hollow molding, and the insulation layer is made of polyurethane integral foam molding, no welding, no rust, high impact strength, UV resistance, corrosion resistance, outdoor It is frozen in the sun all year round, not brittle and not easy to age.

2. Design according to the width of the actual cattle drinking water level, which can accommodate six cattle drinking water at the same time

3. All pipes of the drinking water tank are made of stainless steel to ensure that the water pipes are not rusty and the quality of drinking water is guaranteed.

4. Electrical heating control system

NameSix hole livestock water tankAnti-UV radiation8-10 degree
Type3.5MIntelligent temperature control7-15 degree
MaterialFood grade polyethyleneDaily power consumption8 degree
Dimension3500*600*600Effective anti-frozen-40degree
Weight100kgWashing deviceoptional
Water gap height580mmHeating deviceoptional
Water volume250LTank coveroptional
Flow25L/minGuarantee1 year
Heating principleHeating oil tankHeat functionEnergy saving ,environmental friendly , safe , rapid heating

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