Organic Fertilizer Pack Line

1. The pack line is suitable for: organic fertilizer, feed, lumpy materials, irregular materials, materials containing moisture, etc.

2.The output is 350-450 bags per hour, woven bags, plastic bags, paper bags, etc. can be used! Equipped with automatic sewing machine and conveyor.

3.The weighing system and the squeezing air execution system are all controlled by PLC, and operated by the Chinese LCD screen; and are designed with dust-proof, waterproof and anti-corrosion requirements.

4. The organic fertilizer pack line is composed of raw material warehouse, chain crusher, roller screen, conveyor, sewing machine, automatic weighing machine (including bag clamping mechanism) and the main control box.

5. Fast speed, high precision, high sub-package output


Product Detiles

Powder organic fertilizer equipment parameters

device nameuseDimensionsmaterialMotor Power   
Feeding binRaw material storage2500×2000×1500 carbon steel Q235
 Hammer CrusherGrinding of organic materials and large particles800*1200*1500Q235B,10mm30kw
conveyorOrganic raw material delivery500*7m、500*10mQ235B4.4kw
Distribution box  

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