Self Propelled TMR Mixers

1. One machine with multiple functions, integrating the functions of loading, fodder transportation, cutting, mixing, weighing and spread fodder feeding. One self-propelled TMR mixer can replace more than two other machines, replacing labor, tractors, loaders, conveyor belts and fixed TMR mixers;

2. High production efficiency, one person can complete the work of more than two people, and one person can use one machine to complete the feeding work of the dairy farm, saving a lot of labor;

3. Flexible, small turning radius, free access to the cowshed, fast and convenient feeding


Product Detiles

Type4 cbm
Matched powerDriving: 28horsepower(Wuzheng tricycle trailed)  
Dimension (length*width*heigh)3600×1800×2300
Material& thicknesswear resistant manganese steel bottom board thickness:8mm Body board thickness:5mm Front & back main shaft support frame:10mm
AugerMain auger  
BladeCarbon tungsten alloy blade



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