Compost Scraper

1、It can accelerate the maturity of organic materials and shorten the period of compost fermentation

2、It can reduce the loss of nitrogen in composting process, improve the nutrient content of composting, so as to play the role of deodorization

3、Can improve the quality of organic fertilizer, improve the efficiency of organic fertilizer


Product Detiles

Fermentation Type

1. Scope of application: livestock and poultry manure, crop straw, municipal waste, kitchen waste, food residue, traditional Chinese medicine residue, sludge

2. Equipment fermentation: It can quickly deodorize, widely used in various types of feces to ferment organic fertilizers, and in-situ treatment of feces in the farm can quickly process the fermentation process, shorten the fermentation cycle, and deodorize to facilitate the transportation of feces.

3. Accumulation fermentation: It is suitable for the fermentation of all kinds of manure, agricultural and animal husbandry slag, kitchen waste, and organic sludge. It saves costs and requires little investment. This product can fully and effectively ferment such manure input and effectively produce high-quality organic fertilizer

4. It can promote the proliferation of effective microorganisms in the rhizosphere of crops, improve the ecological environment of the rhizosphere of crops, increase the beneficial microorganisms and disease resistance factors, and can also significantly reduce the disease index of crops

Compost fermentation process:

1. Pour 1 kg of starter into 50 kg of water to dilute and stir evenly. The dilution water is best to use well water or river water. If it is tap water, please leave it for 24 hours before using it. It can properly dissolve some brown sugar and the effect is better

2. If there is a mixer, you can mix the fermentation raw materials first, then pour into the starter, and stir the dilution liquid. If there is no mixer, you can use iron to stir, and mix according to the principle of less to more, that is, pour a small amount of bacterial dilution into the fermentation liquid first. In the ingredients, stir well, directing that there are no clumps.


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