What is a feed spreader?

June 22, 2024

What is a feed spreader?

Feed spreaderfor total mixed ration can enable carbohydrates,fat,Cellulose and other nutrients in the rumen be simultaneously used, for reproduction rate and yield vitamins rumen bacterial proteins can be greatly improved. Simplifying feeding procedures, reducing feeding randomness, so that greatly enhance the precision level management; implement clustering management, then with mechanical feeding, improve labor productivity, reduce labor rate costs.

Truck Feed Spreader overview

The feed spreader trucks are suitable for large-scale pasture, small farms and feed processing plants. It can bring more convenience and benefits for farmers: improve work efficiency, ensure the feeding quality of livestock, save labor, reduce costs, improve the pasture environment. In many livestock farms, in order to better ensure the supply of feed, more and more farmers choose to use machinery instead of manual operation. In the future, this product will be widely used in all regions and become a good helper for farmers.

Truck Feed Spreader application

It use for Dairy Farm、goat farm、 cattle farms

Cattle feed speader truck from HINDA

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