Cow Manure Scraper


Product Detiles

Product advantage analysis:

1. The fully automatic manure scraper has lower labor intensity than traditional manual manure removal and forklift manure removal, and it saves labor costs.

2. The automatic manure scraper does not affect the rest of the cows when cleaning manure, increases the utilization rate of feed, and prevents hidden waste.

3. Improve the living environment of cattle, reduce the occurrence of diseases such as hoof disease and mastitis, thereby reducing the hiding loss of pastures.

4. The manure scraper is controlled by a PLC computer, which can realize a variety of starting methods such as one-key start, timing start. It can also save power distribution demand for cattle farms by using electricity at peak shifts.

5. The design of the manure scraper is flexible and can be adapted to various widths of cow houses. The manure scraping stroke length is 42 meters to 200 meters.

6. The drive unit of the fully automatic manure scraper is simple, has a long service life, and is not easy to damage

Product Namepoultry manure scraper machine
MaterialStainless hot galvanized
UsagePoultry Farm
Cleaning TypeFloor Sweeper
Cleaning ProcessPhysical Clean
travel speed1420r/min
Board width800-2800mm
FeatureNon-toxic poultry manure scraper removal machine



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