Tractor Manure Spreader


Product Detiles

1. Simple structure is the design purpose-the scraper chain is used to feed fertilizer, which reduces the wear of moving parts, and discharges materials more quickly and has a long service life.

2. The manure spreader is used to haul and throw solid manure materials from beef cattle farms, dairy farms, chicken farms, pig farms, sheep farms and other breeding companies, including compost, stable manure, bedding waste and manure.

3. The fertilizer thrower adopts a box body made of all steel welded, solid bottom and side plates, and a detachable vertical auger sprayer, which has become a model of solid material sprayer.

4. The twin augers design has a good guarantee for the uniformity and continuity of material dissemination. When the material moves to the hammer discharge port, each hammer tears and smashes the material, and throws the material evenly and rhythmically from bottom to top. The design keeps the material in a horizontal state and prevents overhead and squeezing. It can throw a variety of materials, such as: poultry manure, organic fertilizer, furrow fertilizer, mud, compost, manure, distiller's grains, mushroom residue, medicine residue, straw, etc. , You can also spread most of the industrial waste.

Agriculture Garden Lawn tractor trailed Double Disc Manure Spreader
ModelCapacity (m3)tractor HP Required (hp)Spreading Width (m)Weight (kg)L*W*H(mm)Spreading Efficiency (hectores/h)

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