Towable Compost Turner ZHD-300

Working width: 3000mm

Length: 3900mm

Width: 5560mm

Height: 1650mm

Weight of equipment:1780kg

Counterweight Iron weight:1300kg

Tractor power: 120HP

Traction frame part size: 3900mm*700mm*2000mm

Flip box part: 3800mm*1600mm*1800


Product Detiles

1、Compost Turner is operated with a tractor via the creep-gear shaft.

2、Our PTO-driven compost turners are built to work through compost heaps efficiently and economically.1.6m rows and the is for 3.0m rows.

3、These machines are strongly built with simplicity, which makes it easy to use and to maintain. They have been designed to produce microbially-active high-quality compost.

4、A special hardened steel is used to manufacture the blades to ensure long lifespan and reduce running/maintenance costs. Each blade is uniquely shaped to bring the compost from the bottom to the top and from the outside to the inside.

5、There’s a hydraulic jack located at the side of the compost turner. The jack is used lift the machine and tilt it up 90 degrees,Easy to use and save labor costs

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