Grass Chaff Cuteer

ZHD-12 type Grass Chaff Cutter is mainly suitable for the shredding of various crop straws and pastures such as cotton stalks, corn stalks, bean stalks, grain stalks, rice and wheat stalks, etc. It can also be used for branches, tree strips and bark below 2cm in diameter shredding process.

The machine has a reasonable and reliable structure, advanced performance, high efficiency and energy saving, reliable and safe operation, and convenient operation and maintenance. The machine is equipped with self-installed walking wheels, which can be used for fixed and mobile operations. It is a necessary mechanical equipment for power plants that use crop straw as fuel and large and medium-sized animal husbandry farms


Product Detiles

2Matched powerkW18.5-22.0
3Structure pattern/          Disc
4Structure weightKg1100
5Dimension(length X width X height)/3150mmX2150mmX4150mm
6Feed inlet widthmm420
7Feeding pattern/axle direction feeding in automatically
8Main shaft rotating speedr/min500
9Feeding roller rotate speedr/min90
10Moving knife numberpiece3
11Moving knife shape/curve cutting edge
12Dis & roller diametermmΦ1310-1400
13  Designed cut lengthmm10-30



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