What is Compost Windrow Turners ?

December 18, 2023

In order to produce these products of high quality, the stacker has the proper water usage, temperature and oxygen concentration. It is said that its stacker can maintain uniform production of raw material fertilizer concentration in the equipment. Temperature control, sometimes adding the right fertiliser tipping product for you.

What is Compost Windrow Turners ?

Compost turners ensure good mixing of nutrients in your compost: The nutrients are released as plant materials break down, and these nutrients are gravity fed to the bottom of the compost unless turned. Compost turners manage composting materials on a large scale to ensure efficient composting.

What do compost turners do?

While compost turners can mix oxygen and moisture into the compost, they also cool it. Temperatures over 65 degrees Celsius destroy or kill microorganisms that are key to producing high-quality compost. If the temperature of the mixture is too low, turning it can add oxygen and may help re-establish pore space. You may need to turn the compost once or twice a week to allow it to cool properly.

The price of the Compost Windrow Turners 

We can provide you with various types of composters, because the product models are different, the materials are different, and the production capacity is different. If you want to know the product price in more detail, please contact us to initiate an inquiry

Compost turners assist the composting processes:

Thermal and chemical processes may be biased to upper layers in static compost mixes. The upper layers receive more heat and break down more quickly, which means the lower layers must be lifted to assist them in breaking down. Compost turners provide a simple way of managing the composting process to deliver consistent results

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