Self Propelled Compost Turner M26

1. Composting machine with compact design, small space occupation and flexible use

2. High-end diesel engine with stable performance and low energy consumption

3. Adjustable rotor height

4. Fully hydraulic drive, low maintenance cost

5. Self-propelled composting turner, no tractor needed-best space utilization

6. Easy to transport and can be used anytime and anywhere

7. The production capacity is about 600 cubic meters per hour


Product Detiles

Working dataEquipment specificationUnder working conditionsUnder transportati on conditions
Maximum width of allowable accumulation2.6mRoller diameter720mm
Maximum height of allowable stacking1200mmAllowable ground height difference0-200mm
Roller rotation speed250-305rpmThe width of the inner door of the compost machine2450mm
Rubber track width2×220mmThe height of the inner door1200mm
Fuel tank capacity40LLength of equipment3150mm
Maximum diameter of accumulated particles allowed  250mmThe device width1900mm1450mm
Working longitudinal toss distance2-3mHeight of equipment2200mm2000mm
Maximum processing capacity600m³Maximum surface pressure0.5kg/c㎡
Turning radius1500mmWalking speed0-10m/min
Engine data
brandYunnei brand engine
The number of Oil cylinder4
The battery24v
Engine power55KW

Spray device, remote control, power part optional engine brands

 (China Yuchai engine, Japan Yangma engine, The United States Cummins engine)

HINDA compost turners introduce oxygen into the compost pile, helping to speed the decomposition process.

Today, it represents the ideal solution for ensuring perfect aerobic rotting conditions. As compost windrows with a width of up to 3m have particularly good properties for the production of high-quality compost products, M30A has been precisely adapted to this windrow width. With a turning capacity of more than 800 m³/hour and a windrow cross-section of up to 3.5 m3/running meter, even performance freaks will get their money's worth with this compost turner.

self-propelled compost turner boasts optimal mixing capability, simple operation via hand-held control unit, and minimal space requirements. High-quality, low-noise hydraulic drives on the track and on the turning roller keep noise generation to an absolute minimum.

Whether for organic or green waste, agricultural waste, sewage sludge or even palm oil residues and sugar cane production, you will be making a decision that delivers efficient windrow composting. Equally, the self-propelled windrow turner is also extremely capable in the fields of soil remediation and industrial mixing of different substrates. With the throughput rates it achieves, you will be amazed at the productivity!

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