Straw Rubbing Machine

The straw rubbing machine rubs the collected raw materials. Use to adjust the rubbing effect of the straw and the amount of scrap by adjusting the number of hammers. Reduce the hammer, lengthen the output straw, reduce the scrap, increase the hammer, shorten the straw, and increase the scrap. It crushes, slits, squeezes and smashes the straw through automatic feeding through the conveyor belt, destroys the hard stem nodes on the surface of the straw, and processes the straw that cannot be directly eaten by livestock into silky forage with good palatability. , without losing its nutrient content, which is convenient for the digestion and absorption of livestock.


Product Detiles

The straw kneading machine conveys the material to be processed to the crushing room through the conveyor, and the high-rotation hammer interacts with the kneading plate to crush the material.The crushed material is thrown outside by the throwing fan blade. The feeding hopper is equipped with a porous spray device, which can adjust the moisture content and the degree of crushing of the material.

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