What is an organic fertilizer turning machine?

September 27, 2023

The turner is a unique equipment in the organic fertilizer industry. Its function is to turn the materials regularly to provide an appropriate amount of oxygen to the pile, restore the void ratio in the pile, promote air circulation, and make the materials lose moisture. Most models also have certain crushing and mixing functions during tossing. According to the fermentation method, the turning machine can be divided into two types: trough type and stack type; according to the working principle of the turning mechanism, it can be divided into 4 types: spiral type, gear shifting type, chain plate type and vertical roller type; according to the walking mode, it can be divided into four types: Towed and self-propelled. The turner is a key piece of equipment in composting. It has many types, has a more complex structure than other equipment, and can provide many indicators.

(1) Operation forward speed. Indicates how fast the equipment advances when performing flipping operations. During operation, the forward speed of the equipment is subject to the turning condition of the turning component, which should not be greater than the length of the material pile that the equipment can turn in the forward direction.

(2) The turnover width is wide. Indicates the width of the pile that the turning machine can turn in one operation.

(3) Turning height. Indicates the height of the pile that the turning machine can handle. With the expansion of cities and the shortage of land resources, compost plants are becoming more and more interested in the indicator of turning height, because it is directly related to the height of the pile and further determines the land utilization rate. The turning height of domestic turning machines also has a gradually increasing trend. At present, the turning height of trough turning machines is mainly 1.5~2m, the turning height of bar stacking machines is mostly 1~1.5m, and the turning height of foreign bar stacking machines is mainly 1.5~2m. The maximum height exceeds 3m.