Baler Shredder

Large-scale baler shredder is to directly enter the bundles and bundles of materials into the rotary cutter to shred the materials. The machine uses a fixed knife and a movable knife to shred the materials. The output is high, and the fresh materials and dry materials can be directly shredded. , The machine performance is stable, and the output is customized according to user requirements.


Product Detiles

Features of large baler shredder:

1. The turntable can store a large amount of materials, realize intermittent feeding and continuous work.

2. The inner disc of the rotating disc is designed with a damping plate, which can grasp the bale and rotate it, and the cutting efficiency is high.

3. There are many movable knives, high shredding degree, and the blades are welded with tungsten alloy, which can be used for a long time.

4. The power driving mode can be electric motor driven or tractor PTO driven.

130 type high-efficiency forage pulverizer parameters

Nubumerproject nameunit of measurementtest result
2Dimensions (L*W*H)m4.5*2.55*2.95
3structural qualityT3
4Supporting powerKW110
6Kneading lengthcm3-6
7Bearing Type/F314
8triangle belt/C-1850五条Five
9Drum motorKW3
10Conveyor motorKW2.2
13hydraulic motor/Bm3-400
10.0-15t wo
15hammer/65  twenty-four manganese
16Steel plate thicknessmm5mm Drum 5mm Bottom plate 5mm
17starter cabinetKW130KW Autocoupling starter cabinet
18Whole machine test
 The top of the barrel is 2.4m, the bottom of the barrel is 2.14m, and the height of the barrel is 1.2m
19discharge method/under discharge



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