Silage Reclaimer

1. The reclaiming section is flat to prevent secondary fermentation of forage

2. The reclaiming drum blade adopts high-quality alloy blades, which are durable and cut smoothly

3. Reclaiming efficiency ≥20 tons/hour, which is more efficient than similar products

4. Self-propelled design, convenient on-site operation;

5. The gentle reclaiming and slight dispersing of the reclaiming head not only will not damage the effective fiber of the silage, but also reduce the working pressure of TMR feed mixer

6. Reduce labor, labor time, and labor intensity.


Product Detiles

Matched power(motor+pump motor)7.5KW+5.5KW
Machine dimension(mm)(length×width×height)5100*2100*3300
Roller width(cm)160
  Tire type & numberFront tyre 600-14/4 pieces Back tyre 500-8/2 pieces
  BladeManganese steel blade:90 pieces bend blade,4 pieces straight blade

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