Several factors affecting feed quality

February 28, 2023

Feed is the food of animals, is the indirect food of people, is the foundation of vigorously developing animal husbandry. In the cost of breeding industry, feed cost accounts for more than 70% of the total cost. The quality of feed determines the quality of livestock products. The quality problems of animal products can be found out from the inspection of feed quality. On the contrary, the quality problems of feed are often exposed in the quality inspection of animal products.

At present, the quality of feed on the market is mainly manifested in the following aspects.

1. Illicit drugs in feed. Individual feed production enterprises and breeding enterprises in order to obtain high profits, add illegal drugs in feed, such as "clenbuterol", stability drugs, hormones, etc., seriously affect the quality and safety of livestock products, harm people's health.

2. Heavy metals in feed. In order to speed up the production of livestock and poultry, some feed producers and farmers use heavy metals in excess, endangering the quality of feed.

3. Pesticide problem in feed. Insecticidal, sterilizing and rat-killing pesticides have long been used in crop farming. These pesticides accumulate and pollute the soil environment for a long time. After being absorbed by plants, they pollute feed. Then, through the enrichment of animals, they endanger the safety of livestock products.

4. Antibiotics in feed. Some feed production enterprises and breeding enterprises for the purpose of promoting animal growth or disease prevention, long-term excessive use of antibiotics, and do not comply with the provisions of the implementation of the drug suspension period system, resulting in excessive antibiotic content in livestock products, harm to people's health.

5. Environmental pollution. Some feed production enterprises and breeding enterprises, too close to the pollution source or production equipment is too simple, resulting in feed in the production and use of mildew or harmful bacteria and other harmful substances pollution, thereby affecting the quality of feed.