How do farmers choose a feed mixer

February 25, 2023

How do farmers choose a feed mixer

Livestock farming has developed on a large scale, cattle and sheep farmers need to feed these animals every day, how to stir the grass is difficult? If only by manual mixing, the workload is still very large, feed mixer equipment gradually into farms and feed factories. There are many kinds of feed mixers, how to choose? Feed mixer, divided into vertical, horizontal two, according to different materials can be selected, generally have vertical grinding and mixing machine, horizontal screw belt mixer, drum type straw mixer. Here's a quick guide to help you make your choice.

Vertical grinding and mixing machine, mainly divided into two parts, one is the grinding part, can crush corn, wheat and other granular materials, self-priming grinding, save time and effort, mixing for vertical mixing, mainly mixing powder and particle machine material, mixing grass is not good. The side has auxiliary material feed port, which can add salt and other trace elements.

Advantages: Stand mixer is suitable for small-scale feed processing, low power consumption, small footprint, low price and cost-effective

Disadvantages: low stirring uniformity, its stirring uniformity can only reach about 87%, long stirring cycle, low production efficiency. The output is about 500-1500 kg per hour. Unloading is incomplete, and there is often residue at the bottom of the barrel, leading to waste.

Horizontal screw belt mixer, the need to lift auxiliary feed, it is inside the screw belt, the outer screw belt will push the material from one end to the other end, the inner screw belt makes the material move in the opposite direction. Mixing more uniform, suitable for all kinds of materials.

The straw mixer is provided with two pairs of mixing plates inside the mixer. After the machine is turned on, the drum starts to run clockwise. One mixing plate pushes the material backward, and the other one pushes the material forward, and the mixing effect is achieved through circulation. Can mix crushed corn straw, soybean straw, hay, etc., only need to stir a short time to complete the mixing requirements. Concentrate corn flour, wheat bran, bean cake, can be added in one time feed door, turn on and stir for 5-10 minutes after feeding. Customers can choose the right blender according to their needs.