The role of fertilizer spreader and the advantages brought to the people

March 01, 2023

Due to the long-term application of chemical fertilizer on the land, some nutrients in the soil are seriously lacking, and the soil becomes hard, which affects the quality of crop products. Therefore, it is necessary to apply large amounts of organic and farm manure to improve soil and crop quality. In the past, most of the fertilizer was transported to the field by cart, piled evenly into small piles, and then shoveled away, sometimes along the cart. This method has low labor productivity and uneven fertilization. The application of fertilizer spreader can improve labor productivity and fertilizer quality and avoid the phenomenon of uneven fertilization. It not only increases crop yields, but also overcomes the problem of local soil hardening. It is more important to save the cost of farming land for the common people.

Fertilizer machine is mainly composed of welding traction frame and frame, conveying system, fertilizer machine system, hydraulic system, ground wheel mechanism, etc. In the conveying system of the machine, the hydraulic oil motor is driven by the hydraulic output of the tractor, and the whole box of fertilizer moves backward synchronously through the chain transmission device; The machine's fertilization system is driven by the tractor's power output shaft. The three-stage gear box drives the drill to fertilize and matches the double disc fertilize. This machine is a multifunctional seeder, mainly used for spreading base fertilizer. Organic manure or manure can be applied in farmland, grassland, pasture, etc.

The utility model has the advantages of convenient use, convenient installation, high utilization rate, and can be adjusted according to the size of fertilizer particles. At the same time, the width and amount of fertilizer can be adjusted to ensure the rapid progress of fertilizer operation. In general, when the fertilizer particles are larger, the fertilizer width increases and the fertilizer application decreases.