How to maintain the feed mixer

February 22, 2023

Feed mixer is commonly used in the breeding industry of mechanical equipment, no matter what machinery, in use will encounter some problems, feed mixer is no exception, the following will introduce the common problems and maintenance methods of feed mixer:

Common fault

First, the motor is burned out

The motor is the driving force of the whole device. Once something goes wrong, it will not only affect production but also cost a lot to maintain, so farmers may as well use the power box to start the motor to protect the motor. Keep the area around the machine clean to avoid dust on the motor bearings. Do not use the device when the voltage is seriously low.

Two, bearing damage

The biggest problem with stand mixers is whether the bearings are damaged. If the bearing is damaged and squeaks, it must be replaced. As a result, our equipment is infused with butter every 40 hours, preferably with hot butter. As for how to replace bearings, no matter when maintenance maintenance, once found to replace immediately.

Three, Auger blade wear, shaft fracture.

Vertical feed mixers have been around for a long time. Auger blades will be severely worn, and there will be no hard lumps. Sometimes, the inside of the vertical axis breaks.

Daily maintenance of feed mixer:

Before using the mixer, the operator should check the clutch and brake to ensure that the equipment and other parts are in good condition, the wire rope is intact, and there are no foreign objects in the barrel before starting to use.

2. When on-site inspection and maintenance of the feed mixer is required, the hopper should be fixed first and the power should be cut off. If operators need to enter the drum to deal with obstacles, should be equipped with personnel outside supervision. If a fault is found during operation, cut off the power supply immediately and locate the cause.

3. The feed mixer should be installed on a stable and firm ground with a support frame, and pay attention to adjusting the height of the feed channel and discharge channel.

4. The feed mixer shall be repaired and maintained regularly, and the equipment shall be cleaned, adjusted, tightened and anti-corrosion operation.