How should the tire of the fertilizer truck be maintained

February 21, 2023

After the fertilizer car is used, it needs to be maintained. The tire of the fertilizer car is a very important part of it. The following is to explain how the tire of the fertilizer car should be maintained, hoping to help you:

After each use of the cesspreader, it is necessary to check the condition of the tires. Once problems are found, they should be handled in time to ensure normal and stable use next time.

The correct use of the spare tire of the feces spreader plays a great role in the equipment. We should pay enough attention to the spare tire. The check items include the air pressure of the tire under cooling condition.

Often check the condition of the tire, check matters including tire wear, whether the tread wear rules, tire wear has reached the wear index, if found this kind of situation to reflect on their driving habits in time, and please professionals to check or directly replace the tire.

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