Environmental requirements for the use of feed mixers

February 17, 2023

The application of feed mixer in the breeding industry is very important. Of course, if we want to make the feed mixer play its role better, we should use it correctly. First of all, we need to clarify the characteristics and scope of application of the equipment, to create a good environment for the use of feed mixers.

Information about the operating environment of the device. When the same device is used in different sites, it may be affected by different environments, and these environmental conditions have a direct impact on the reliability of the device. These environmental conditions include the ambient temperature, temperature, weather pollution, the capacity of the power system to short circuit there, the load and characteristics of the power equipment, and so on.

1. The normal operation of the feed mixer can be guaranteed only after it is firmly installed. The firm standard is that the walking wheel is far from the ground and the base is higher than the ground. And pay attention to adjust the height of the feed channel and discharge channel.

2. After use, the production tools shall be cleaned or wiped clean, and placed in the tool cabinet or designated area according to the set management requirements.

3. The installation site of the equipment should have a stable air source. The compressed air provided shall be dry, clean and in conformity with the relevant national requirements.

4. Before starting the machine, ensure that the electrical equipment is in good condition, and the operator should add materials and stir after the idling operation runs normally.

5, production equipment, production equipment surface should be kept clean, no dust, no dirt, stainless steel surface no rust, shall not use unclean or dirt production equipment.

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