Tips for using a manure spreader to fertilize farm manure

February 16, 2023

Now is the spring ploughing time, this season farmers commonly used a kind of fertilizer is farmhouse manure, manure car and other manure machinery thrown back to the field, and farmhouse manure content is low, fertilizer effect is slow, if the farmhouse fertilizer added a little "additive", not only can prevent the active ingredients of volatile loss, but also can make the fertilizer effect increased exponentially. Here is a look at its specific practices.

1. Adding ferrous sulfate to human urine:

Adding ferrous sulfate 0.5~0.6 kg per 100 kg of human urine can make the ammonium carbonate in human urine into stable ammonium sulfate, play the role of fertilizer protection and deodorization, prevent nitrogen volatilization.

2. Superphosphate added to manure:

Add 20% superphosphate calcium in the manure, stir evenly, stacking 20 days later, not only can prevent the loss of nitrogen volatilization in the manure, but also can accelerate the deterioration process of the manure, increase the content of effective phosphorus.

Suitable amount of farm manure, 500~1000 kg per mu. Spraying, hole application, spraying, in the application of farm fertilizer at the same time, to be used together with chemical fertilizer.

3. Add ammonium bicarbonate into the compost pile:

Cut plant stalks and leaves into pieces, add 0.5%? 1% ammonium bicarbonate and the appropriate amount of human manure pile retting with mud cover and seal after ranching becomes a high effect organic fertilizer.

4. Adding superphosphate to plant ash:

Soak 3 kg of grass and wood ash in 15 liters of water, then add 1 kg of calcium phosphate, stir evenly, 6 hours later add 50 liters of water to stir evenly, after standing precipitation, take clear liquid spray, can obtain the fertilizer effect similar to potassium dihydrogen phosphate.

Say that improve the effect of fertilizer application, let's talk about the use of various kinds of fertilizer taboos and skills.

Human excrement is a mixture of human feces and urine, which is widely used in rural areas. Human feces contains about 20% organic matter, human urine contains about 3% organic matter, urea, containing a small amount of uric acid, uric acid. Human excrement must be fermented and decomposed, human excrement retting good, water dilution application. Human excrement is effective for the growth of various crops, suitable for leaf vegetables (such as cabbage, cabbage), hemp, etc., tobacco, potato, sweet potato and other chlorine resistant crops should not be used too much.

Manure refers to manure of pig, cow, horse, sheep, chicken, duck and other livestock and poultry retting with straw bedding pile made of manure, divided into livestock manure and poultry manure. Animal manure refers to pig manure, cow manure, horse manure, sheep manure, etc. Pig manure contains more nitrogen, cow manure contains less organic matter and nutrient content among all kinds of livestock, horse manure contains more cellulose and hemicellulose, sheep manure contains more organic matter than other animal manure. Manure must be accumulated and decomposed before it can be used. Animal manure can be used as base fertilizer and topdressing, to be used as base fertilizer.

Bird manure is the general name of chicken manure, duck manure, goose manure, pigeon manure, etc. Bird manure is a perishable organic fertilizer. The main nitrogen in poultry manure is uric acid, which can not be directly absorbed by crops and is harmful to crop root growth. At the same time, fresh poultry manure tends to attract underground pests. Therefore, poultry manure as fertilizer should be accumulated and decomposed before application. Rancid poultry manure can be used as base fertilizer, topdressing fertilizer, seed fertilizer.

Compost is an organic fertilizer made of various crop residues, garbage, peat, green manure, mountain surface, sod and other organic matter accumulated and decomposed together with human and animal feces and urine. Compost is a complete fertilizer rich in nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic matter. It is suitable for all kinds of crops. Because it can make the soil loose when applied to the soil, it is applied to root and tuber crops. Compost is a late-acting fertilizer, should be base fertilizer, not topdressing. As a base fertilizer, it is generally applied when turning the soil and preparing the land, so that it continues to decompose and release nutrients in the soil for the absorption and utilization of crops.