Causes and countermeasures of impeller corrosion in feed mixer

February 18, 2023

The impeller of the feed mixer plays a very important role, but there may be corrosion when it is used. What is the cause of this? 

How do we avoid it?

The first is the impact of the medium on the mixer. In the operation of the mixer, the high velocity of the medium will produce certain wear effect on the mixer. If the medium contains large particles of solid impurities, the wear of the mixer will be more serious. Faced with this situation, we usually use the blender grille purifying machine mixer to screen and filter the impurities in the sewage tank.

Then there is cavitation, which will also have a great impact on the feed mixer. It usually absorbs the metal components in the liquid. Because of the rapid formation and damage of bubbles on the surface, it leads to the damage phenomenon with the characteristics of holes, which is called cavitation. Cavitation is the result of the interaction of mechanical and corrosive factors. Therefore, hyperboloid agitator can not underestimate the influence of air pocket on mixer. After the installation of the feed mixer is completed, it is necessary to perform a test run. Before the test run, it is necessary to inject approximately 70% of the pool volume into the pool. Do not run the equipment without water, so as not to bend the mixing shaft due to uneven force.

Therefore, in order to avoid corrosion of the impeller of the feed mixer, it is necessary to do a good job of maintenance and maintenance in the process of use, take regular maintenance measures, and regularly check whether the mixing shaft lock nut and each connecting bolt are loose; Check the vibration of stirring shaft regularly, and remove the winding on impeller and shaft in time; Check whether the transfer parts have abnormal sound and temperature rise; If the feed mixer does not work for a long time, please check the insulation of the motor before turning it again. At the same time, prevent sediment deposition for a long time, which may cause start-up difficulties and damage the motor and impeller. In addition, the feed mixer needs to change the lubricating oil of the reducer regularly after a period of use, and clean the oil stains inside.