2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition

October 28, 2021

2021 international agricultural machinery exhibition ", rural revitalization of wisdom, agriculture "as the theme, around to promote agricultural mechanization from the main crop cultivation link to plant protection, such as straw processing, drying process, from food crops to cotton oil, sugar, fruit tea and other economic crops extension, from the early planting to aquaculture, processing industry, agricultural facilities such as the comprehensive development, Expand from plain areas to hills and mountains, carefully plan the exhibition area, comprehensively optimize the traditional exhibition area, new upgrading functions and special areas, and further innovate and reflect the concept of domestic industrial cluster.

In recent years, the content related to animal husbandry has played an increasingly important role in China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. This year, the exhibition area of animal husbandry special equipment and related enterprises is as high as 40,000 square meters, with more than 300 exhibitors, accounting for nearly one fifth of the total exhibition area and nearly one sixth of the total number of exhibitors. The 2021 China Ranch Conference will also be held during the 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition. In addition to the forum activities, the most eye-catching event of China Ranching Conference is the 5,000-square-meter site set up in the exhibition center, which simulates the breeding farm and forage collecting and storage center, and demonstrates forage processing technologies such as forage detection, compression, baling, film wrapping and silage. Feeding techniques, such as spreading, collecting and bed spraying, were used to evaluate the performance of forage rope, membrane and other parts and consumables. At the 2021 China International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, training courses on agricultural machinery trade policies and practices in the Asia-Pacific region, promotion meeting on agricultural machinery import, and China-Bangladesh Agricultural Machinery Matchmaking meeting will also be held

Qingdao Zhonghengda Machinery Co., Ltd. exhibited equipment: TMR feed mixer, cattle manure treatment equipment, leadership and customer recognition