M30A compost machine

March 25, 2022

Process-driven composting by Compost Turner

The M30A Windrow Turners significantly optimize the composting process and reduce it from twelve to approximately two months. During the turning of the windrows the material is loosened and its structure and moisture content is homogenized. The core and peripheral zones are also optimally mixed and blended. Simultaneously, the material is gently and continuously decomposed while it is adequately supplied with oxygen. The material discharge then creates new windrows.


Compost Turner is the ideal starter model for professional composting for small to medium-sized operations. The self-propelled machine convinces with its sturdy and compact design and easy handling thanks to an intuitive interface. The track clearers are equipped with an automatic float feature which enables the compost windrows to be placed foot by foot for optimum pad utilization. The dimensions of the windrows can be up to a width of 3 meters and a maximum height of 1.4 meters.