Fully hydraulic crawler organic fertilizer turning machine

June 23, 2023

Full hydraulic crawler organic fertilizer tiller belongs to a relatively large equipment in the fertilizer industry, the degree of automation is relatively high, it uses full hydraulic system control, convenient and easy to operate, the product has a variety of models, corresponding to different tiller machine span, suitable for different scale organic fertilizer manufacturers to use.

With the continuous development of the fertilizer industry, the types of organic fertilizer tillers have become ever-changing to adapt to different materials and production needs. Crawler-type stacking machine is a kind of stacking equipment with internal combustion engine as the power source. The transmission, shift lever and drive shaft configured on it are the same as those on the car, making the operation simple and easy to learn. No need to build a trough and many other conveniences make it ready to buy, saving a lot of manpower and material resources.

In terms of the power drive of flipping and walking, the crawler pile turning machine is controlled by hydraulic motor, no mechanical wear, low failure rate, so the whole machine is durable. In the production, the full hydraulic crawler stacking machine only needs to pile the material into a long shape stack, and then the driver controls it, and easily operates the driving platform to stir and break the material regularly, so that the material is fully mixed with the air, which enhances the life activity of the fermentation microorganisms, promotes the reproduction of the colony, and thus realizes the decomposition of organic matter.

When the crawler tipping machine is working, the blade below it not only breaks the material that is stuck into a block, but also undergoes a stirring process after the material is thrown up and down, so the material behind the tipping machine looks uniform and loose. This makes it easier to mix the ingredients of the multi-formula material evenly, thus ensuring the quality of the organic fertilizer.

The production of organic fertilizer itself is a process of turning waste into treasure, so its raw material sources are diversified. Among all the raw materials, the least easy to deal with is the sludge and chicken manure, because these two raw materials are relatively thick and poor permeability, especially the sludge, the moisture is large, the proportion is large, and the use of crawler self-propelled pile tiller can effectively mix the sludge, viscous chicken manure and other materials with bacteria and straw after crushing.

Crawler-type tipping machine adopts crawler-type walking, which is not easy to slip compared to the wheeled tipping machine, and can be operated forward, backward, and even 360 degrees in place. The throttle control is smooth, and the remote control can be operated, the operation is simple, and the staff can operate the flipping machine within 200 meters, thus reducing the harmful gas inhalation in the body.