We have horizantal and vertical feed mixers

August 25, 2022

We have started to produce feed mixer wagons in 2006. We are located China province and  serve the farmers in all around the world. We have been exporting our  feed mixer tmr wagons more than 11 countries. Cattle feed mixers are indispensable way to  increase milk and feding efficiency. After you started to use feed mixer and mill machines You will be suprised about changes on the cattles. Cows will consume less feed and It will reduce your feed cost. Your cows is going to be more robust and massive. Feed mixer tmr wagons will help your cows digestive problems andI t means less vet cost. If you want to gain time, healthy cows, less cost and high efficiency , Cattle feed mixers will be your best firend. We will be at your service with good quality and best price.

A good TMR mixer must have the following features:

First, longevity and sturdiness under all kinds of conditions, which is achieved by high-quality parts and top manufacturing processes.

Second, good mixing result, which is essential for ration palatability and consistent nutrient intake for each bite.

Third, maximum value. Each order from clients represents faith in our product offering, We never overprice our products, we offer high-quality, affordable products and hope clients will benefit from HINDA durability TMR mixers.

TMR Mixers Entail The Following Techniques To Achieve The Above Quality:

1、Rugged and reliable transmission and speed reducer system designed to withstand hard use in all kinds of conditions.

2、Well-designed augers, combined with tungsten carbide knives, ensure thorough and quick processing of all shapes of bales and silage.

3、The auger screw and container wall made of super abrasion-hesitant manganese steel (Q355 in China GB/T standard or S355 in ISO standard), the material functions well after years of repeated use, and provides excellent weldability.