What is the Manure Spreader?

August 28, 2023

What is the Manure Spreader?

The double-axis vertical auger Manure Spreader is simple to use and includes bear claw beaters to quickly spread and shred manure.  The twin augers design has a good guarantee for the uniformity and continuity of material dissemination.  When the material moves to the hammer discharge port, each hammer tears and smashes the material, and throws the material evenly and rhythmically from bottom to top. The design keeps the material in a horizontal state and prevents overhead and squeezing.  It can throw a variety of materials, such as: poultry manure, organic fertilizer, furrow fertilizer, mud, compost, manure, distiller's grains, mushroom residue, medicine residue, straw, etc. , You can also spread most of the industrial waste.

What is the function of double shaft vertical screw fertilizer spreader?

Performance PTO driven Farm manure machine spreader trailer for tractor  for distributing organic muck  is designed to supply a sustainable development for the farm with competitve cost. When the farm need solid manure spreading operation, this eqeuipment can offer enviroment-friendly option at low cost.  With charctors of uniform transportation, reducing fertilizer evaporation, retaining fertility, and avoiding soiling of crops, more profit got , more labor tension avoided and more time saved.

Features of the double-axis vertical auger manure spreade.

1.The machine is equipped with a separate hydraulic device to protect the working quality of the machine and improve the working efficiency of the machine.

2.The structure of fertilizer conveying and fertilizer throwing is controlled by hydraulic pressure, and the speed can be adjusted.The speed and amount of fertilizer feeding can be adjusted according to the needs of users.

3. The hydraulic parts are imported from Italy, the three-wheel drive gearbox, and the traction head is made of steel, which is more durable .

4. Double vertical auger fertilizer spreader,double vertical screw auger device, driven by imported quality triple transmission gearbox, stable performance, strong reliability, good for crushing and spreading of sticky and wet manure and large pieces of manure. The large flux fertilizer gate design ensures smooth and no blockage of fertilizer during use, and the amount of fertilizer output can be controlled according to the needs of use; it is equipped with an auger protective cover to improve safety protection.

5. Trouble-free running - We use the highest quality bearings, bearing assemblies and bushings with easy access grease points, so your equipment keeps working with minimal down time. The electronically balanced spreading rotors eliminate vibration during operation. .Maximum output - Large diameter rotors and a high tip speed give you wide spreading width and excellent shredding on a range of manures, composts and sludges.

6. Simple structure is the design purpose-the scraper chain is used to feed fertilizer, which reduces the wear of moving parts, and discharges materials more quickly and has a long service life.

Applications of the double-axis vertical auger manure spreader

Farms, orchards, meadows, pastures

Double-axis Vertical Auger Manure Spreader from

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