Selection of pretreatment equipment and fermentation method of organic fertilizer before fermentation

April 07, 2023

Selection of organic fertilizer treatment equipment before fermentation: for large farms, the daily production of water flushing feces up to 100 tons or more, should choose rotary drum screen separator, processing capacity is large, high efficiency; Ordinary small farms, daily water flushing feces less than 100 tons, should choose spiral extrusion solid-liquid separator, small equipment, low one-time input cost. For raw material crushing equipment and raw material mixing equipment, the corresponding equipment should be selected according to the added materials, and the appropriate power and model should be selected according to the capacity.

The selection of fermentation method of organic fertilizer: the area with dense population, scarce land resources, rainy and snowy weather, and high requirement of environmental quality can choose tower fermentation; In northern regions with sparse population, drought and little rain and vast sites, such as Inner Mongolia and Northeast China, strip fermentation can be selected in regions with low environmental requirements. In the place of sparse population and large site, the requirements of environment and climate are between battlements and towers, and trough fermentation can be selected. UTV coating membrane fermentation can be selected where raw material yield changes greatly, climate changes and the site is wide. The specific fermentation equipment is selected according to the production capacity and fermentation method.