Organic fertilizer equipment turning machine has what performance advantages are worth buying

March 06, 2023

Livestock farm waste more and more use of organic fertilizer equipment to realize waste utilization, waste into treasure. Organic fertilizer equipment turning machine is a widely used fermentation equipment, which in Small organic fertilizer processing, organic fertilizer to walk over throwing machine, is used a lot of one. The equipment can deal with the problem of manure well, turning the manure of livestock and poultry into organic fertilizer,Reduce the pollution of feces to the environment.

So what are the performance advantages of organic fertilizer equipment flipping machine worth buying? Down here. - Get up and find out.

1, in the treatment of solid accumulation, according to the design requirements, the material pile into a triangular strip stack, flipping machine riding straddle on the triangular strip stack, starting from one end of the strip stack, through the flipping drum

The rotation drives the blade rake teeth to the mixture of throwing, crushing, mixing treatment, and the mixture is thrown to the back of the flipping machine, so as to re-form a new strip in the rear of the flipping machine.

2. In the process of ejection, the dry sludge is fully mixed and in contact with oxygen to maintain the metabolic activities of aerobic organisms, remove the moisture of the sludge and prevent the stack temperature from being too high.

3, organic fertilizer equipment turning machine instead of the traditional manual turning, so that the material in the fermentation process is more uniform, make up for the shortage of traditional turning technology, and the processing capacity is relatively high

Large, can save a lot of labor.

Above is the performance advantages of organic fertilizer equipment flipping machine, flipping machine should do a good job of daily maintenance work, daily maintenance measures, can effectively maintain organic

Fertilizer fermentation turning machine, turning machine work better, but also effectively prolong the life. Under normal circumstances, as long as the household in strict accordance with the instructions of the product can go.