Organic fertilizer machine classification and precautions are those

February 13, 2023

Organic fertilizer applicator is the use of fertilizer box at the bottom of the conveying device to transport organic fertilizer to the fertilization device, from the fertilization device to the field, instead of manual transportation and spraying operations. The conveying device has two forms: chain plate type and spiral type. The chain plate type is used more in the actual production.

According to the different spraying parts, organic fertilizer sprayer can be divided into disc type and cutter type.

Disc type fertilizer machine is generally used for cattle manure, organic fertilizer, lees, sand, lime and other large fertilizer machine. It has the characteristics of uniform discharge, wide width and strong adaptability to fertilizer, which effectively solves the problems of high fertilization cost, extensive fertilization, serious fertilizer waste and difficult to return organic fertilizer to the field.

The winch dragon type manure spouter is mainly used for sprinkling materials with high water content such as wet muck and industrial sludge. The crushing wheel uses 65Mn spring steel with high hardness, abrasion resistance and stable performance, which can fully crush the materials and throw them back to the field.

Organic fertilizer applicator

1. When the machine is running, do not get close to the machine, and do not touch the running parts with human body.

2. During maintenance, cut off the power of the machine and shut down the locomotive.

3. Remove sundries in the machine and stop the machine when checking faults.

4. Add enough lubricating oil before use!

Check whether the parts are in good condition and the fasteners are loose!

6. When adding fertilizer, there should be no brick, stone, metal, etc. So as not to damage the tray!

7. Please inject lubricating oil into the lubricating parts during use!