Fertilizer machine factory teach you the operation and use of fertilizer machine

February 06, 2023

Fertilizer machine plays a very important role in farm operations, may save a lot of manpower and material resources for agricultural friends, among which fertilizer machine in the use of the process there are a lot of careful matters to be particularly careful, specific should be how to correctly use the fertilizer machine, the following fertilizer machine manufacturers will be specific for you: fertilizer machine in the work process to set up certain markers, In this way, it is possible to make the loader run in a straight line, and the spread width may be more correct. Fertilizer at work choose not to wind weather, and fertilizer machine at work speed can not be too high, the speed adhere to eight kilometers per hour.

Precautions for using a fertilizer spreader

Before applying fertilizer, the fertilizer spreader is installed and installed directly behind the drag machine. At the same time in the process of fertilization do not suddenly stop, if stop will show the situation of broken fertilizer. So in the field to adhere to the uniform speed of driving, so that it is possible to spread evenly.

Before using the fertilizer machine, we should be careful to check that the drive shaft may be deformed, if there is damage, we should replace the new one in time. After each fertilizer should also be cleaned in time, in addition to careful inspection of the machine is not damaged, do not open storage, to do a good job of dust and sun protection treatment, so as to prolong the life of the fertilizer machine. Before the work of the fertilizer machine, it is necessary to add lubricating oil, which may ensure that the machine may be deformed. Be careful not to add oil on the gear and chain of the fertilizer machine. At the same time to avoid soil, so as not to affect the deforming work of the fertilizer machine.

Operation instructions for large fertilizer spreader

1. Large loading capacity, special high hole design for users to increase the loading capacity to provide convenience.

2. It can be improved according to different operation forms and different requirements, such as double disc after dumping fertilizer, side dumping fertilizer, unilateral dumping fertilizer, bilateral dumping fertilizer, ditching dumping soil And so on.

3. Put the crushing device at the fertilizer outlet at the back to crush large pieces of fertilizer to ensure that the fertilizer thrown out is uniform and loose.

4. Humanized design of discharge port regulating valve, adjust the size of discharge port according to the different requirements of users.

5. The design of the regulating valve controls the transmission speed of the chain. The larger the gear, the faster the chain transmission speed, the larger the fertilizer flow rate, and the smaller the vice versa.

6. The reducer provides a guarantee for more stable operation of the machine. On the basis of slowing down the fertilizer feed speed, it can throw powder fertilizer, particle fertilizer and other fertilizers multi-functional.

7. The output speed of the tractor controls the width of the fertilizer. The larger the speed, the wider the amplitude.

8. Point supported with adjustable screw, horizontal sliding bearing made in regulating spreader car and tractor | articulated when saving.

The fertilizer spreader is very light to use, the installation process is simple, the utilization rate is relatively high, according to the particle size of the fertilizer can be adjusted to the fertilizer spreader. At the same time it's OK

Adjust the width of the spray and the ability to apply fertilizer to ensure that the fertilizer operation is carried out quickly. Generally, larger fertilizer grains will increase the width of the fertilizer spread and decrease the amount of fertilizer spread accordingly.

When applying fertilizer, if the wind speed is relatively large, the amount of fertilizer applied per unit area will decrease continuously, and if the particle size is not -, the width of fertilizer will also change

The actual operation of the fertilizer spreader needs to be determined by the width and quantity of the operation. The fertilizer spreader can be hung in front of the tractor to work, can be used to put the fertilizer spreader .It is fixed to the bumper and needs to be screwed.

After the installation of the fertilizer machine, the handle needs to be fixed in the middle of the direction machine rod, which can be used for the sowing of various fertilizers. The work efficiency is relatively high. It is mainly used for the fertilization of high quality and large area. At the same time can also be used to sow a variety of crops, so that the use of the fertilizer machine is more extensive.

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