What is the tow Behind Compost Turners

January 11, 2023

What is Tow Behind Compost Turners?

This Tow Behind Compost Turners is designed to tow behind a tractor, and adopt a hydraulic control system. It lifts and tumble compost materials, and aerates each windrow with more oxygen for faster composting. This Tow Behind Compost Turners is widely used in the organic fertilizer manufacturing industry to manage larger crop residues (e.g. corn stalks), animal manure (e.g. pig dung, horse manure), yard waste, newspaper, cardboard, etc.

How does composting work?

The process of windrow compostingis relatively simple: the ingredients are chopped, mixed, and placed into the windrow along an impermeable surface. Periodically rotate the stockpile to increase oxygen levels, dissipate heat to regulate temperature and distribute moisture

Why Buy a HINDA Series Compost Turner?

• Newly patented ultra-efficient drum and paddle design reduces fuel costs

• Galvanized tunnel panels and hot-dip galvanized side panels,

• Edge primer and 2-pack of paint for real world protection

• Smooth interior and exterior design for easy cleaning and reduced dirt buildup,

• No bolted connections or protruding parts = less corrosion

• Better frame design reduces torsional (torsion) and shear stresses

• Sophisticated centralized water supply

• Industry standard tractor connection

• Australian designed and built for harsh conditions

• Hydraulic steering and height control

• Variety of sizes and features to meet your needs

• Independent risk assessment

• Soil Food Web International (SFI) Certification

• Build perfectly shaped stockpiles

Price of Tow Behind Compost Turners

HINDA machinery is a professional manufacturer of tow behind compost turners, with favorable prices and can accept customization

Hinda machinery has more than 10 years of design, production and installation experience, for many customers at home and abroad to solve the farm feeding problems, waste treatment problems, for customers to improve efficiency, reduce costs.

Contact us today to learn more about our PTO and ground drive manure spreaders. Our expert staff is ready to help you find the right machine for your unique application. We look forward to hearing from you!