Do you know how to maintain a feed mixer?

January 09, 2023

Every product is used. Limit, so the same is true when using the feed mixer, so we can carry out some maintenance work when using, which can also extend the service life of the feed mixer. Xiaobian summarizes some maintenance work of the feed mixer for you, you can have a look.

1. Before using the feed mixer, the operator should check the clutch and brake. The equipment and other components are in good condition, the wire rope is intact, and no foreign matter in the barrel can be used.

2. When the feed mixer needs on-site inspection and maintenance, the hopper should be fixed first and the power should be cut off. If the operator is required to enter the drum to deal with obstacles, professional personnel should be equipped for external supervision. If a fault is found during operation, the operator should immediately cut off the power supply to find out the cause.

3. The feed mixer shall be installed on a stable and firm ground, and pay attention to adjusting the height of the feed channel and discharge channel.

4. The feed mixer shall be maintained regularly, cleaned, adjusted, tightened and anti-corrosion equipment.

The above is about the use of the feed mixer and maintenance tips, blender interested friends can have a look oh, any questions can contact us oh!

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