How to determine the proper mixing time of the feed mixer

January 04, 2023

How to determine the proper mixing time of the feed mixer

Although the main function of a feed mixer is to evenly mix various feeds, it is still necessary to determine the mixing time of the feed mixer. Stirring for a long time wastes energy, increases costs, and creates static electricity from material friction. If the mixing time is too short, it will inevitably reduce the mixing uniformity of the feed. It can be seen that the mixing time of the feed mill is very important.

The stirring time is short, the components are not evenly distributed in the material, so the coefficient of variation is large. With the increase of stirring time, the distribution of components becomes more uniform and the coefficient of variation decreases gradually. However, when the stirring time is too long, segregation and re-separation will inevitably occur due to the electrostatic effects of convection, shear, diffusion and friction of the material, and the coefficient of change will increase. It can be seen that mixing time of mixer is of great significance to improve product quality, save energy and improve production efficiency.

By introducing the above information, we can clearly understand the importance of determining the mixing time of the feed mixer. At the same time, various reasons should be considered when determining the mixing time of the feed mixer, such as the type of mixer, mixing time, load factor and material characteristics. If you have questions about the feed mixer and want to know more information, you can ask Xiaobian, Xiaobian will try to meet your requirements.

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