Vertical Trailer TMR Mixers

Mix and feed out faster

1.After stirring the feed is more fluffy;

2.Greatly reduce the chance of caking feed;

3.Weighing more accurate;

4.Structure is more simple;Tractor driven, easy to move

5.Since auger speed is slow, foe the destruction of small feed

6.Easily handle large round or square bales of hay;

7.Since feed on the barrel sidewall pressure is small, the wear rate is much lower mixer;

8.Facts have proved that 85% of farmers have switched to vertical feed mixers.


Product Detiles

Auger number11122
Blade materialCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloyCarbon tungsten alloy
Blade number5 big blades7 big blades9 big blades14 big blades14big blades
Auger rotate speed≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min≧26 round/min
Weigh sensor3 pieces3 pieces3 pieces4 pieces4pieces
Weigh display control patternAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomaticAutomatic
PTO Minimum Power Requirement60HP90HP90HP120HP140HP
PTO Drive540RPM540RPM540RPM540RPM540RPM
Machine dimensionmachine dimension : 3700*2200*2800mmmachine dimension : 3900*2400*2800mmmachine dimension : 4000mm*2500*2800mmmachine dimension : 6200*2500*2800mmmachine dimension : 6600*2500*2800mm

The mixing auger is pto driven, the door and discharge are hydraulically operated.

The large screw auger design enables the processing of many varieties of big square or round bales, allowing them to be combined with silage and other commodities.

Trailer TMR mixers Efficient Mixing Chamber

Improvements to the mixing chamber work in combination with the redesigned augers to increase feed movement. Straighter sides, smoother curves and steeper baffles help promote a fast, complete mix for a fluffy, palatable ration. No preprocessing or special loading is required for round or square bales making it easy to load and use. Faster auger speeds also provide quicker, more complete cleanout.

Trailer TMR mixers Cone-Style Auger & Kicker Design

Cone-style augers provide superior feed movement for faster, more complete mixing and processing. The smooth, continuous auger flighting.

Trailer TMR mixers Adjustable Hay Stops

The adjustable hay stops provide flexibility in processing to provide you with the cut length necessary to reach the optimal nutritional value you’re striving for. This adjust ability makes hay processing more efficient and helps minimize overprocessing.

Feed mixer wagon chops hay, straw, clover bales and mix them with corn silage, chopped beet or pulp and other feeding materials homogenically and then distributes the mixture

Hardened Knives

· A: Knife set in for slicing and cutting

· B: Knife set out for grabbing and tearing

· C:  Reasonable layout, faster cutting effect

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